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Core Strength Propels Your Sports Performance

Core Stability is Important for All Sports

A strong and stable core enables you to control your body position, generate optimum power, and create force and speed.  Core stability is critical for rotational movements, which is required in almost every sport. By strengthening your core stabilizers, you can maximize strength in your arms and legs.

Importance of Core Strength for Your Sport

Racket Sports - Tennis, Racketball, Pickleball

A strong core will help prevent common tennis-related injuries, such as straining the lower back muscles. Core strength is key to rotational speed and power. You generate stronger momentum with your swing that gives you control over where your shot lands and how fast it whips by your opponent. Your core muscles under your (soon-to-be) six-pack are responsible for preventing racket sports injuries such as lower back muscle strains. 

Running, Walking, Hiking

A stronger core can improve a runner's speed and prevent injuries. A strong core keeps your key running muscles (hamstrings, quads, calves, and ankles) in sync. When you're at your peak fitness level, running allows well-toned core muscles to work in sync. A conditioned core prevents torso wriggling and wasting energy, so you run faster. A stable core prevents pain, reduces wear and tear on your joints and reduces the chances of damage to muscles and bones. No runner wants to miss a day of running, so use the CoreCoach to prevent injuries.


"Most of our patients who golf, struggle with low back pain. We believe this pain comes from an inactive deep core. We haven’t found another exercise product that does a better job of teaching the motor coordination to use your deep core than the CoreCoach." 

Corey Puyear - Physical Therapist, PGA coach and Titleist Performance Institute certified golf fitness instructor


Horse Training | Dog Training

"After many, many years in the gym and using every type of abdominal machine, I’ve performed just about all the abdominal exercises possible. None has even come close to the impact CoreCoach has given my core. I have been using CoreCoach for the past year and I've seen the best abdominal conditioning ever!

CoreCoach engages your body's core stabilizers which protects your back and spine. Being Rookie of the Year for California for 3-day Equestrian Events, this is very important to me. As a competitive equestrian rider, my core keeps me balanced over my horse and protects my back in the event of quick maneuvers. For my day job as an Elite dog Trainer, I must be quick to avoid some dog's negative reactions and to engage and drive dogs physically. I work 7 days a week so I depend on my core to be super strong! I have found that using my CoreCoach 4 times weekly is enough to maintain my gains. The core is everything." 

Jennifer Sharpe - Owner and Trainer of Complete Dog Obedience in the Bay Area