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Relieving Back Pain with the CoreCoach Training System


How many patients arrive at your office complaining of back pain?

If you’re like most chiropractors, this common complaint dominates your patient/doctor conversations. Many of these patients would welcome an easy way to maximize their progress between appointments.

Biofeedback offers options that support your work to eliminate or manage their health challenges. 

Unfortunately, it's impractical to even think of having most clinical biofeedback devices at home where most daily stretches and exercises happen. 

Innovative pressure biofeedback allows at-home and on-the-go biofeedback during exercise protocols. 

By helping patients see and feel the difference an active core makes, you'll be able to communicate the correct form for preventative and corrective exercises. Better yet, we've created a free mobile app that will show them step-by-step for you. 

The additional core strength they develop in as little as 4 minutes x 4 days per week helps stabilize their spine to hold chiropractic adjustments more easily. 

How the CoreCoach works to help with back pain:

  • Pressure feedback is a safe, affordable, accurate tool for home and office use.
  • Patients learn kinesthetically what TVA activation feels like.This helps them maintain proper form when they perform exercises you prescribe.
  • The pressure bladder gauge registers the needed pressure for TVA activation.
  • An easy-to-read dial clearly shows the pressure range needed for results.
  • The instant, accurate feedback monitor guides the patient how to properly activate their core muscles to achieve optimum results.
  • The easy step-by-step mobile app educates and trains users how to properly activate their core to optimize their core strengthening.
  • Optional NeckCoach sleeve provides pressure biofeedback to help safely strengthen neck muscles.

Testimonials from CoreCoach Practioners:

“As the manager of a corporate wellness program one of the main issues our folks suffer from is back pain. We have begun a program utilizing Core Coach to address this issue and have had nothing but success. People that have suffered with back pain for years are pain free and able to get back to the active lives they wish to lead. Our goal is to eliminate back pain, its associated health care costs and increase the vitality of our employees.” 

Michael Susi, Manager of Global Wellness for LinkedIn, C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Level 1

"The CoreCoach is great visual feedback, providing quantitative external cuing; helping people to develop a sense of their deep core stability.“ 

Corey Jung, Upright Movement, C.H.E.K Institute, Holistic Lifestyle Coach II and Exercise Coach

“It is so much easier to use than other biofeedback device.” 

Jeff Schmelzle, C.H.E.K. Practitioner Level 2