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The heart of the Core Coach Training System's biofeedback seems simple. While it is an easy-to-use device, the science behind what you'll be doing is based on deep work in anatomy and physiology.  


Let's get started!

The Core Coach Training System has four main components:

  • specialized air pillow
  • pressure gauge
  • waist belt 
  • instructional videos and exercises

We've also included a handy storage bag and Neck Coach product! It's a surprise gift that you're going to love!


 How It Works.

By laying down on the air pressure pillow you'll be applying pressure to it. As you perform the exercises, your movements are detected and the pressure is displayed on the handheld gauge.

When the TVA is activated and contracted, the pressure on the air pillow changes and the needle on the gauge will rise.

If your core is stable after activating your TVA, the needle will remain steady. You'll see it easily on the color coded dial!

If the needle on the gauge is moving after you THINK you've activated your core muscles, well.... Let's just say it's a good thing you're using the CoreCoach because your transverse abdominis muscle (TVA) needs strengthening. 

The CoreCoach exercises will help with that. 


Download the CoreCoach App for Step-By-Step Videos.

Watch the Set-Up Video Then Train Using the Exercise Programs.
CoreCoach Mobile App for Apple
Google App