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The physical therapist's secret to less pain and more game

Physical therapists see patients with a wide range of medical issues every day. Whether you’re treating chronic pain and stiffness, improving sports performance, guiding rehabilitation after an injury or recovery after surgery, you need the latest in effective treatment tools.  

Expert physical therapists have used stabilization pressure biofeedback devices for years to help their clients. However, these original devices have not seen any improvements over the years - until now.

The durable nylon-coated air pillow of the CoreCoach is manufactured from TPU rather than PVC, both for a better seal and for a more patient-friendly look and feel. The thin neoprene belt pouch helps the patient keep the device in exactly the right place for best results.

While working with your patient, you’ll use the immediate, accurate and effective pressure gauge to be able to instantly detect whether they have isolated and maintained contractions of the cervical or lumbopelvic core stabilization muscles. 

Then, if you choose, you can recommend they continue at home, either according to your own instruction or supported by our step-by-step mobile app of instructional videos. In as little as 4 minutes x 4 days per week they will develop additional core strength before their very next appointment. 

Testimonials from CoreCoach Practioners:

“The CoreCoach is by far the best tool for assessing and strengthening the deep abdominal wall. I can tell it is much more durable and made with more high grade materials than others on the market.”

Luis Ponce, Jr., C.H.E.K. Practitioner, Level 2

“It is so much easier to use than other biofeedback device.” 

Jeff Schmelzle, C.H.E.K. Practitioner Level 2

"The CoreCoach is the most powerful tool I use in my practice to strengthen & activate the TVA (transverse abdominus). I use the CoreCoach with every client and everyone of my clients owns their own CoreCoach, they're so into it that many of my clients have bought CoreCoach and given them to their friends and family as gifts."

Tommy Armenta, Diakadi Fitness, C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach, Level 1,2 Practitioner, and Holistic Lifestyle Coach