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The Best Results Come from the Best Care

As a leading expert in your field, we’re happy to support the foundation you’ve laid with your patients. 

Biofeedback has become a well-established approach in treating heart disease, obesity, diabetes and many more conditions. It allows practitioners a more accurate method to gauge a patient’s body function and response to treatment than patient self-reporting. However, the cost and inconvenience of most biofeedback protocols make patient compliance a challenge. 

Additionally, core strength training has long been used for low back pain reduction, neck pain, spinal alignment and overall fitness. It's even currently being explored as a treatment of neck pain in a randomized controlled study with 105 patients

In 2015 the Harvard Medical School recommended core strength training as a long term strategy for preventing neck pain. The North American Spine Society recommends core strengthening as an important step in rehabilitation and prevention of neck pain

One of the biggest challenges in core strength training is pinpointing the correct muscles. What has been needed is an up-to-date, effective, safe and affordable biofeedback solution patients can use on their own. 

CoreCoach is the leading innovation in pressure biofeedback for TVA activation and strengthening. Its easy-to-read gauge gives you a tool that immediately shows when patients are working the postural muscles correctly. Gone are the days of having to rely on a hit-or-miss anecdotal impression.

The patient learns with you and your staff what an activated core truly feels like. By helping patients see and feel the difference an active core makes, you'll be able to communicate the correct form for preventative and corrective exercises.

The system includes a free mobile app that will show them step-by-step exercises, too.

Patients can develop additional core strength in as little as 4 minutes x 4 days per week.  

Now you can bring the latest in affordable, accurate, biofeedback-guided TVA training to your patients. Add the CoreCoach Training System to your treatment options today.

"Our goal with the CoreCoach is to eliminate back pain, its associated health care costs and increase the vitality of our employees.”

 Michael Susi, Manager of Global Wellness for LinkedIn