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The Importance Of Your TVA Muscle

Your TVA Muscle is Critical to Core Stability

Transverse Abdominis TVA core muscleThe Transverse Abdominis muscle (TVA) is often forgotten because it’s so deep within your abdomen. As the largest abdominal muscle, it acts as a strong flexible sleeve around your spine. In fact, it is the most internal of all your "core muscles". The stronger we can get the TVA, the stronger your core. The stronger your core, the less likely you’ll have lower back pain and the more strength you'll have for all your activities. 

Doctors, Trainers, and Physical Therapists have utilized biofeedback for years to help patients get visual guidance to train effectively. The CoreCoach biofeedback system is the solution to activating and strengthening your TVA muscle.

"If you use the CoreCoach regularly, just 4 minutes a day, 4 days a week, it’s going to help to strengthen your core and will lead to less back pain."
-Dr. John Rubinow, MD

Studies conclude that pressure biofeedback devices enable focused activation of the transverse abdominis (TVA). Since the TVA is the primary muscle for keeping the body upright, stable and sturdy, using the CoreCoach has been a tremendous benefit for people seeking a stable core.

Many people with back pain are told to strengthen their core to relieve pain and discomfort. Most people focus on the rectus abdominis (6-pack) and obliques because they are well-known, visible, exterior muscles that make you look great. The TVA is often neglected but it is a huge interior muscle. The TVA wraps around your body from one side of the spine to the other and extends from your public bone to your sternum--it's huge.

It turns out that many people, athletes and non-athletes alike, do not fully activate their TVA - they just don't have good control of the muscle. The result is often a weak TVA and compensation by other muscles. This leads to back spasms, misalignment and other more serious issues. Activating and strengthening the TVA may help correct these issues and will relieve the pressure on your spine. Less pressure on your spine can help relieve disc degeneration (spondylosis) and related issues.

So the conclusion is...strengthen and stabilize your TVA to get back pain relief or simply perform better.


CoreCoach uses the same biofeedback technology that physical therapists and fitness trainers have used for over 25 years to strengthen and stabilize the abdominal core. Now you can do it safely and effectively at home. 

Watch the short video below for more information.